Chimney Chase Cover Replacement Before Atlanta Winter

custom chimney caps | chimney chase cover replacement atlantaNow is the time for Atlanta homeowners to think about getting a chimney chase cover replacement. If you inspect your prefab chimney chase cover or chimney shroud and notice rust, it’s time to call us, National Chimney Service. You’ll want a secure and functional chimney chase pan before winter hits. A chimney chase cover, also called a rain pan or chase pan, and decorative shroud play crucial roles in protecting your prefabricated chimney from water damage and keeping your home safe.

chimney cap replacement atlanta | chimney chase panChimney Chase Cover Replacements | Atlanta

The chase cover sits on top of the chimney crown and is designed to keep rain, leaves, animals, and other debris out of the chimney’s interior. It acts as a roof, shielding the chimney’s crown from water damage. Over time, the metal can rust, crack, or become misaligned, allowing moisture into the flue liner and mortar joints. Excessive water can deteriorate the chimney and even seep into the areas around the fireplace, causing mold and water stains on walls and ceilings.

A custom chase cover is built exactly to your chimney’s specifications for a perfect watertight seal. Our client in Atlanta chose durable black galvanized steel for their custom chimney chase pan and chimney shroud installation. Sturdy construction and a slight slope allow water to easily run off the sides. Proper installation is also key – all corners and seams are sealed, and the cover is securely anchored. This prevents the cover from being dislodged by high winds during Atlanta storms.

ornamental chimney caps | modern chimney capsChimney Chase Cover Replacements & Decorative Chimney Shroud Install

Along with function, we also consider the aesthetics of your home. An ornamental shroud goes around the chimney chase and conceals the covering while complementing your home’s architecture. It adds curb appeal and visual interest to what would otherwise be a plain cinderblock chimney.

Our premium metal chimney shrouds come are crafted from copper, stainless steel, or black galvanized steel. Natural metals like copper give an elegant, old-world look as the material ages gracefully to a soft green patina. Stainless steel offers a modern, sleek aesthetic, especially when welded with clean lines and geometric shapes. For cost savings, galvanized steel is an excellent option, the most popular choice among our Atlanta homeowner clients.

decorative chimney shroud | ornamental chimney caps | custom chimney capsTrust National Chimney Service for Your Chimney Upgrade

As experienced chimney cap specialists, we handle chase covers, shrouds, and all chimney needs for homeowners throughout Metro Atlanta and surrounding neighborhoods. We are highly trained and fully insured for your protection.

Do not wait until winter to discover problems with your chimney. Old or damaged covers and shrouds can lead to expensive water damage or chimney fires. Trust the chimney cap specialists at National Chimney Service to make sure your chase cover and shroud are secure before the cold weather hits. We have proudly served Atlanta homeowners for over 30 years.

Contact us today for a free estimate! We look forward to helping extend the life of your chimney and keeping your home safe this winter.

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