Masonry Chimney Caps

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At National Chimney Service, we understand the importance of a proper custom chimney cap installation for the safety and efficiency of your fireplace. With over 30 years of experience serving the Atlanta metro area, we specialize in customizing and installing fabricated premium masonry chimney caps installation, chimney cap replacement, and masonry chimney repair services.

chimney cap is not just an accessory – it’s a vital component that protects your chimney from weather damage, spark embers, animals, and debris. Our customized masonry caps are engineered to fit your exact chimney size and structure for optimal performance.

Benefits of a Custom Masonry Chimney Cap

A properly fitted chimney cap provides:

– Enhanced safety: Prevents sparks from escaping and debris/animals from entering the flue

– All-weather protection: Seals out rain, snow, and moisture from causing interior water damage.

– Optimized draft: Allows proper ventilation for a well-functioning fireplace.

– Pest control: Deters birds, raccoons, squirrels, and other pests from nesting in your chimney.

– Fire risk reduction: Greatly lowers the chances of a dangerous chimney fire.

– Noise reduction: Minimizes wind noise from downdrafts

– Improved efficiency: Boosts fireplace performance; reduces smoking issues.

– Rust prevention: Protects exposed metal parts from corrosion damage

Custom Masonry Chimney Cap Installation Process

📞 Contact us for a free quote on your custom chimney cap installation

📆 Schedule a convenient time for us to come to your residence and measure your chimney.

🛠️ Once your custom chimney cap is ready, we’ll return to install it.

Premium Materials: Masonry Chimney Caps

Our custom masonry caps are handcrafted locally in Georgia, using only premium materials:

Copper Chimney Caps:

Beautiful patina, naturally rust-resistant, and highly durable.

Stainless Steel Chimney Caps:

Low maintenance, sleek, modern aesthetic.

Black Galvanized Steel Chimney Caps:

Budget-friendly, robust, and corrosion-resistant.

custom chimney cap | hip and ridge cap | chimney caps atlantaMasonry Chimney Cap Styles

Hip and Ridge Cap

A custom hip and ridge chimney cap adds smart style and complete protection for residential chimneys in Atlanta. Unlike standard caps that just cover the flue, our caps safeguard the entire crown and opening. 

Crafted locally in Georgia, our durable caps come in versatile metal choices to match diverse home aesthetics. Options range from the classic look of black galvanized steel to the luxury finish of copper. We also provide stainless steel caps, offering contemporary appeal and distinguished strength.

custom chimney cap | flat top cap | chimney caps atlantaFlat Top Chimney Cap

The flat-top chimney cap offers distinct and durable defense for Atlanta chimneys. Our flat-top custom chimney caps blend minimalist style with maximum security, fully shielding masonry vulnerabilities with their smooth, sweeping design.

Proudly crafted in Georgia, our flat-top style masonry caps meld strong, versatile metals with a modern aesthetic. Options range from black galvanized steel to the sleek sophistication of copper. We also offer stainless steel’s brightness and renowned resilience.

Design Your Own Chimney Cap

As professional chimney cap specialists providing dedicated service across Atlanta, including AlpharettaBrookhavenBuckheadSandy Springs, and Marietta, we take custom metal fabrication to new heights. We proudly install one-of-a-kind chimney caps designed to your style and budget.

Whether you admire old-world charm or modern minimalism, share any photo or drawing with us, and we can replicate the design! 

Trust National Chimney Service for specialized custom masonry chimney caps designed to protect your chimney and home. Contact us today for a free estimate!