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At National Chimney Service, we specialize in chimney cap repair services for both masonry and prefabricated metal chimneys. This includes repairs to all types of caps, including chimney termination caps. In addition to repairs, we also provide complete chimney cap installation and custom chimney cap fabrication and chimney cap replacement.

Chimney Cap Repair | Metro Atlanta

In the realm of chimney care, the importance of maintaining a structurally sound chimney cap cannot be overstated. Did you know that a significant number of homes in the United States face chimney fires annually, frequently leading to perilous outcomes? According to estimates, there are approximately 25,000 chimney fires annually in the US.

At National Chimney Service, we understand the critical role a well-maintained chimney cap plays in preventing such disasters. Our expertise lies in chimney cap repairs for both masonry and prefabricated metal chimneys, including the intricate details of chimney termination caps. As chimney cap experts serving Atlanta for over 30 years, we’ve witnessed the consequences of neglecting these essential repairs. If you have a broken chimney cap, don’t wait.

We can assess damage to your broken chimney cap and determine the necessary repairs to extend their lifespan. We take great pride in our ability to evaluate the condition of any chimney cap and recommend cost-effective solutions to restore its function and prevent further deterioration.

Broken Chimney Cap Repairs | Metro Atlanta

  • Patching small cracks and holes
  • Replacing damaged or missing screens/mesh
  • Re-securing loose fittings and flashing
  • Repairing broken or corroded bolts
  • Resealing gaps around the cap
  • Fixing damaged solder joints
  • Repointing deteriorated mortar
  • Dent repair and patching defective edges

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Chimney termination cap repairs are ideal if your cap has minor damage but does not need a full replacement. Repairs can restore functionality, prevent deterioration from weather and animals, improve the draft for better performance, enhance safety by securing defective areas, and ultimately save homeowners money compared to a completely new chimney termination cap. 

We also offer full chimney cap replacements when repairs are no longer sufficient. For masonry chimneys, we recommend bundling custom chimney cap installations with complementary services like chimney waterproofingpressure washingchimney crown repair, and elastomeric coating for complete protection.

As chimney cap experts serving Greater Atlanta, we provide high-quality chimney cap repairs using only the best materials and techniques. Contact National Chimney Service for a professional chimney cap repair estimate or full chimney cap replacement.


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