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Choosing the best chimney service to install custom chimney shoulder pans is crucial. With over 30 years of experience, National Chimney Service specializes in helping residents throughout Metro Atlanta maintain and protect their chimneys. Our services include professional installations of custom chimney caps and chase pans & chimney shrouds. We also offer chimney cap and chase pan replacement services. 

Chimney shoulder pans are pivotal in safeguarding the structural integrity of Metro Atlanta chimneys, especially those adorned with distinct shoulders. The chimney shoulder area refers to the extended masonry sides surrounding the flue tile of a chimney. It connects the chimney structure to the exterior walls of the home. If left unprotected, the gap between shoulder masonry and a standard chase cover allows sideways rain and moisture seepage.

chimney shoulders | custom chimney pan | chimney shoulder pansWhat is a Chimney Shoulder Pan?

A chimney shoulder pan is a custom-fit cover explicitly designed to protect the extended brickwork (shoulders) surrounding a chimney. The chimney shoulder pans provide a water-tight barrier along the sides and top of a chimney chase cover, shielding vulnerable shoulders from weather infiltration and costly water damage. Explore our additional masonry chimney services.

chimney shoulder | chimney shoulder pan | rain pan installation in Marietta, GABenefits of Custom Chimney Shoulder Pans

  • Chimney Shoulder Pan Prevents Costly Repairs: Unprotected chimney shoulders can lead to extensive and costly repairs, encompassing wood, masonry, and water damage. Investing in a custom shoulder pan can save Metro Atlanta residents up to $10,000 in repair costs over time.
  • Chimney Shoulder Pans Improve Structural Integrity: Custom chimney pans reinforce weak spots in aging shoulder bricks, ensuring the chimney remains safe and intact during storms and adverse weather conditions.
  • Chimney Shoulder Pans Enhance Visual Appeal: Beyond the functional benefits, precision design and sizing result in an integrated, polished chimney appearance that complements the style of any home.
  • Save on Energy Bills with Custom Chimney Shoulder Pans: Protected shoulders prevent exterior air and moisture infiltration into the home, thereby increasing insulation efficiency and potentially reducing energy bills.


Your chimney is a significant investment directly impacting your home’s safety, function, and aesthetics. Protecting vulnerable chimney shoulders with high-quality custom pans is one of the wisest ways to maintain and extend your chimney’s life. Contact National Chimney Service for a Free Quote!