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Masonry Chimney Cap, Chase Pan & Shrouds in Snellville, GA

Welcome to National Chimney Service, the leading authority in masonry chimney cap installation services in Snellville, GA! Specializing in the custom design, installation, and maintenance of chimney caps, rain pans, and shrouds, we cater specifically to the needs of Snellville homeowners. Our comprehensive services extend to chimney waterproofing, crown repair, and pressure washing, ensuring your chimney remains in top condition.

As a family-owned business deeply rooted in Snellville, National Chimney Service is committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and customer-focused service. Our experienced team is fully insured, crafting chimney caps from the best materials available: copper, stainless steel, and black galvanized steel.

We offer a diverse range of masonry chimney cap and additional masonry services in Snellville, Georgia. We also provide custom chimney pan and shroud services for prefabricated chimneys and can customize decorative caps to complement your Snellville, GA home’s architectural charm. From exclusive chimney pots to our specialized chimney shoulder pan service, we ensure your chimney cap needs are met with precision and elegance.

Premium Chimney Cap Services in Snellville, GA

Advantages of Custom Chimney Caps in Snellville

  • Enhanced Weather Defense: Snellville’s climate can be unpredictable, ranging from intense heat to torrential rain. Our chimney caps provide robust protection, keeping your chimney safe from these elements.
  • Prevention of Animal Entry: Snellville’s natural surroundings invite various wildlife. Our caps create a secure barrier, deterring animals from entering and nesting in your chimney.
  • Extended Chimney Life: Our custom chimney caps are a critical investment for Snellville homes, safeguarding against moisture and preventing structural deterioration. 
  • Superior Indoor Air Quality: A properly installed chimney cap is essential in keeping out debris and avoiding downdrafts, ensuring clean and safe indoor air for your Snellville residence.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Beyond their practical benefits, our custom chimney caps are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Snellville home, adding to its overall value and curb appeal.

masonry chimney cap | chimney caps atlanta | hip and ridge chimney capNational Chimney Service | Snellville’s Masonry Chimney Cap Experts

  • Over three decades of specialized experience in custom chimney cover services.
  • Professional masonry chimney cap installations
  • Proficient prefab chimney chase pan & shroud services.
  • Premium, Georgia-made custom chimney covers, pans, and shrouds.


For professional and reliable chimney cap installations and related services in Snellville, choose National Chimney Service. We are dedicated to the safety, functionality, and beauty of your chimney and home.

Call 770-772-4038 today for a Free Quote on your Custom Chimney Cap Installation in Snellville, GA!


National Chimney Service | Customer Reviews

Doug Polkow
Read More
Jerry & Austin were terrific….absolutely pleased with the (3) Shroud’s they replaced on our Chimney’s ! Prior to installation of the (3) Chimney Shrouds…they came over and repaired our (3) Termination Caps, strengthening them all with additional steel braces so the “Wildlife” could not destroy as in past ! Job very well done…would highly recommend…!!
Andrew Holt
Read More
Very professional and efficient. Their price beat out other quotes I got by a mile. Highly recommended for all chimney related jobs.
Pamela Ewing
Read More
Excellent service received! I called 5 different companies and finally found the expertise I needed.
Caroline Elasik
Read More
Great service, fair prices! Jerry and Austin did a great job on my chimney cap.