Chimney Cap Replacement for Masonry & Prefab Chimneys

hip and ridge chimney cap | chimney cap replacement atlanta | decorative chimney capsAt National Chimney Service, we provide chimney cap replacement services for both masonry and metal prefabricated chimneys for residents throughout the metro Atlanta area. Each type of chimney has unique needs when replacing worn or damaged chimney caps.

Masonry Chimney Cap Replacement

For masonry chimneys, we provide full custom chimney cap fabrication and installation. Masonry caps sit at the top of the chimney crown and are exposed to harsh weather conditions. Over time, they can crack, shift, and allow water infiltration. 

Our masonry chimney cap replacement service involves the following:

-Full inspection of your existing chimney cap to assess damage

-Custom measurement and fabrication of a new chimney cap

-Installation of the new chimney cap using high-quality materials and proper flashing techniques

Benefits of masonry chimney cap replacement:

  • Prevents moisture damage to masonry chimney
  • Restores proper draft for better performance
  • Deters birds and pests from entering
  • Improves safety by replacing loose or cracked caps
  • Extends the life of the entire chimney

Prefabricated Metal Chimney Pan and Shroud Replacement

Radius Shroud | Custom Chimney Cap | Chimney Caps AtlantaFor prefabricated metal chimneys, we provide replacement of the chimney pan flashing and top chimney shroud. The pan and shroud are essential components that commonly fail over time. We can install a chimney chase pan, but we recommend the pan and chimney shroud combo for the ultimate protection against the elements and to enhance your home’s aesthetics. 

Our metal chimney pan & shroud replacements involve:

-Assessment of pan and shroud condition

-Custom fabrication of new components

-Proper installation of new pan flashing and shroud

-Sealing gaps and joints for improved function

Benefits of prefabricated chimney cap replacement:

  • Addresses corrosion and cracking issues
  • Restores proper draft
  • Prevents leaks into the interior of the chimney
  • Improves safety and appearance
  • Extends life of metal chimney

Do I Need A Chimney Cap Replacement?

Additional Masonry Chimney Cap Services

chimney cap replacement atlanta | chimney chase panDetermining if your chimney cap needs to be replaced can be assessed by looking for a few key indications. For example, if you notice rust, corrosion, holes, or missing sections in the cap, it likely means water and weather have damaged the materials, so they need to be switched out.

Similarly, caps that have cracks, defective screening, loose fittings, deteriorating mortar, or issues with downdrafts and cold air infiltration have components that have exceeded their lifespan and require replacement. Other signs are more about regular maintenance – if your chimney cap is over 10-15 years old or just looks dirty and unattractive, replacing it can restore function and aesthetics.

If you notice any combination of these issues with your chimney cap, it’s a sign replacement will be needed to protect your chimney and home.

chimney chase pan | chimney chase pan installation | chimney chase cover fabrication


A chimney cap replacement is ideal for Metro Atlanta homeowners who have chimneys showing signs of wear and tear. Cracked, rusted, or missing chimney caps can lead to various problems, from damaged masonry to animals and water getting into your chimney.

Protect your chimney and prevent issues with a custom chimney cap installation from National Chimney Service. We specialize in chimney cap replacement and custom chimney cap installation for homeowners throughout Metro Atlanta, including Suwanee, Alpharetta, Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, and surrounding communities.


If your chimney cap shows signs of wear, like cracks or holes, but doesn’t need a complete replacement, National Chimney Service can provide chimney cap repair services. Rather than a costly new cap, we will thoroughly assess the damage and determine the most cost-effective solutions to extend the life of your existing chimney cap. From patching cracks to replacing corroded screening to resealing fittings, we can repair common chimney cap issues.


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Along with our chimney cap replacement service, we also offer other masonry chimney maintenance and repair options to protect your chimney and improve its appearance fully. Add chimney waterproofing to stop moisture intrusion and prevent interior water damage. Our chimney pressure washing removes unsightly dirt and deleterious growth for a like-new look. Lastly, our chimney crown repair and elastomeric coating service fills cracks, seals masonry, and waterproofs the structure.

Bundle these services with your chimney cap replacement for complete chimney rejuvenation and security. Contact us today to learn more about these additional chimney services and how we can customize them to meet your needs. We want to ensure your chimney is safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.