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chimney shroud protects your prefab chimney and prevents damage to your Metro Atlanta home. Therefore, the metal quality utilized to craft the shroud is essential. At National Chimney Service, all our custom shrouds, chase pans, and masonry chimney caps are made with premium metals and crafted locally in Georgia.

Your chimney is one of the most exposed parts of your home. It towers above your roof, facing all kinds of weather and critters. Over time, the normal wear and tear can take its toll on your chimney’s structure and appearance. A decorative chimney shroud cover offers an extra layer of protection from the elements by covering the chimney crown and sides. A high-quality metal custom-fabricated shroud from National Chimney Service safeguards your chimney investment and enhances your home’s aesthetics.

Learn more about our custom decorative chimney shroud styles and types we offer Metro Atlanta residents.   

Our Chimney Shroud Materials | Atlanta

copper chimney shroud | copper chimney cap | decorative chimney shroudCopper Chimney Shrouds

Copper is one of the best materials for chimney shrouds. This malleable metal is naturally corrosion-resistant. The copper forms a patina over time, preventing further oxidation. The stately greenish hue blends attractively with your home’s brick or stone. Copper shrouds also handle our climate’s fluctuations in Metro Atlanta areas. The flexible metal withstands expansion and contraction from temperature changes. It won’t crack or split during cold snaps or heat waves.

stainless steel chimney shroud | custom chimney shroud | decorative chimney shroudStainless Steel Chimney Shrouds

Stainless steel rivals copper for durability. This extremely strong steel alloy resists corrosion, surviving decades of exposure to the elements. The material won’t chip, peel, or flake either. Stainless steel shrouds boast a sleek, modern look. A stainless steel shroud is an excellent option if you want a contemporary accent for your home. The polished metal makes a bold style statement.

chimney shroud | decorative chimney shroud

Black Galvanized Steel Chimney Shrouds

A black galvanized steel shroud is ideal for those seeking a classier look. Black galvanized steel receives a protective zinc coating to prevent rust and corrosion. The dark color blends in discreetly against a brick chimney. It is a great budget-friendly choice. The material is lightweight yet strong enough to protect your chimney without being too heavy. Overall, it’s a practical shroud material.


Key Benefits of a Metal Chimney Shroud

Once you select the ideal metal for your home, a chimney shroud provides vital protection:

  • Shields the masonry from moisture damage
  • Prevents leaks into the chimney chase
  • Deters birds, squirrels, and other wildlife from nesting
  • Stops sparks and embers from escaping
  • Protects people beneath from falling debris
  • Provides added insulation for better efficiency
  • Improves the chimney’s aesthetic appeal

Along with protecting your chimney, a shroud enhances fire safety. It keeps flammable debris from collecting on top of the chimney. A quality shroud also stops sparks from rising from the chimney, preventing nearby fires. Proper chimney maintenance should always be a top priority.

National Chimney Service | Decorative Chimney Shroud Installation

Does your prefabricated metal chimney need a shroud replacement or repair?

For over 30 years, we have proudly served residents throughout Metro Atlanta areas, including SuwaneeBrookhavenRoswellSandy Springs, and Alpharetta, with custom decorative chimney shroud installations. 

Whether you need a new custom copper, stainless steel, or black galvanized steel chimney shroud, we’ve got you covered!

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