Best Chimney Chase Cover Material for Your Atlanta Home

chimney chase cover replacement | chimney chase coverWhen selecting a chimney chase cover – also known as a rain pan – one of the most important decisions is choosing the right material. The material not only impacts durability and lifespan but also the aesthetic appeal blending with your home’s style. This comprehensive guide compares black galvanized steel, copper, and stainless steel chimney chase covers to inform your decision.

Before choosing a material, learn more about chimney chase covers and their benefits in our all-inclusive guide for Atlanta homeowners.

Chimney Chase Cover Materials

Installed at the crown of the chimney chase, chase covers protect the interior structure from moisture while enabling proper ventilation outward. Their visibility also makes rain pans an architectural focal point. Materials range from budget-friendly black galvanized steel to premium copper and stainless steel, costing more upfront but lasting decades. Carefully weighing the pros and cons of each metal helps tailor your selection to climate, roof design, and cost considerations.

Boost your Atlanta home’s value and curb appeal by installing a custom chimney shroud on top of your chimney chase cover. One of National Chimney Service’s most popular services is the chimney chase cover and shroud replacement and installation combo. Chimney pans and shrouds are like peanut butter and jelly. They fit together to make the best decorative cover and safeguard for your prefabricated chimney.  

Black Galvanized Steel Chimney Chase Cover

For homeowners prioritizing affordability in protecting chimney chases, black galvanized steel offers decent defenses against corrosion at the lowest initial price point. Consisting of hot-dipped zinc coating over steel, black galvanized steel resists rust longer than bare steel alone. 

Pros: Most affordable chimney chase cover option. Sheet steel is easily formed into panels.

Cons: Lesser rust protection than copper/stainless. More maintenance earlier replacement times.

Copper Chimney Chase Cover

Naturally corrosion and rust-resistant, copper is the gold standard for long-term prefab chimney defenses with unrivaled duration. While more expensive initially, durable copper covers avoid replacement costs recouping over decades. A copper chimney chase cover possesses timeless beauty, developing a verdigris patina over the years, blending nature with architecture.

Pros: Extremely long-lasting, avoiding frequent replacement costs. Ages attractively to a green patina.

Cons: Much higher upfront cost than steel or aluminum. Requires specialized fabrication skills.

Stainless Steel Chimney Chase Cover

Combining premium protection, metallic sheen, and high durability comes stainless steel chase covers. Their longevity exceeds steel and matches copper but with a brighter, contemporary silver aesthetic. Added molybdenum boosts weather resistance, avoiding corrosion in any climate. Price remains the main tradeoff for such impenetrable integrity over decades.

Pros: Extreme durability with corrosion resistance outlasting other metals. Sleek modern aesthetic.

Cons: Very expensive, on par with a copper chase cover. Limited do-it-yourself shaping options.

Comparative Analysis of Chimney Chase Cover Materials

Category Galvanized Steel Copper Stainless Steel
Price Most affordable Most expensive Slightly lower than copper
Durability 30+ years 50+ years 50+ years
Maintenance Medium-high Very low Very low
Climate Resistance Moderate Superior Beyond superior
DIY Fabrication High Challenging Extremely difficult
Aesthetic Flat gray utilitarian Rustic green patina Metallic contemporary

Other Chimney Chase Cover Considerations

Beyond assessing metals, consider your chimney chase’s unique size, shape, visibility, and architectural style when selecting replacement chimney chase covers. Custom fabrication using precision measurements better integrates the new rain pan into existing designs. Hire certified chimney services for proper installation and any needed modifications during fitting.

Black galvanized steel, copper, and stainless steel each bring distinct functionality, aesthetics, and pricing to customers. Identify where durability, weather resistance, and decorative blending with your Atlanta home architecture rank among your priorities. Then utilize this breakdown comparing chase cover metals to determine which best supports your vision balancing style and ongoing value protecting your chimney and home for decades to come.

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