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National Chimney Service, a leader in chimney pan maintenance and repair in the Metro Atlanta region, offers expert chimney pan replacement services that safeguard your home. Our custom chimney pan services are designed to fit your needs, ensuring that every chimney cover we install meets the diverse Atlanta climate.

What is a Chimney Pan?

A chimney pan, often called a chimney chase cover or rain pan, is the protective metal shield covering the top of your prefabricated chimney or chase. It prevents water, debris, and critters from entering your chimney. At National Chimney Service, our custom rain pans are crafted from the finest materials, ensuring they provide superior protection against the elements.

Benefits of a Custom Chimney Pan | National Chimney Service

  1. Preventing Moisture Damage:Water seeping through holes or detached areas leads to spalling, eroded mortar, leaks, mold, and eventual chimney rebuild costs.
  2. Improving Ventilation:Rain buildup or rusted covers can restrict airflow through the chimney, leading to poor drafts for fireplaces and furnaces.
  3. Enhanced Appearance:Aged, rusty chase covers are eyesores. New copper or stainless steel covers boost aesthetics.
  4. Reducing Leaks:Detached covers allow water into chimney interiors, leading to damaged walls, fireboxes, dampers, and flue liners.
  5. Avoiding Further Damage:Holes, dents, and other degradation to covers worsen without replacement, costing more later on. Address issues early by installing new rain pans.

chimney cap replacement atlanta | chimney chase panSigns You Need A Chimney Pan Replacement | Metro Atlanta

Chimney pans endure constant exposure to harsh weather, leading to rust, corrosion, and eventual failure. You might need a chimney pan replacement if you notice:

– Rust and Corrosion: Steel and aluminum covers exposed to weather will eventually show signs of rust. Flaking metal and holes mean moisture is penetrating the cover.

– Detachment: Strong winds can bend and tear a degraded rain pan from its secured position at the top of the chase. Detached or loose covers allow water intrusion.

– Obvious Damage: Impact from tree debris or storm activity can damage even high-quality chimney covers. Dents, cracks, and other visible damage signify loss of protective integrity.

– Water Leaks: Dripping water inside the chimney often signals that the chase cover seal has been compromised from rust, holes, or detachment issues.

Chimney Pan & Chimney Shroud Installation | Atlanta

In addition to making replacements when existing rain pans become damaged or ineffective, it is wise to consider adding a custom chimney shroud. It not only provides extra protection but boosts your home’s curb appeal and can increase its value.

Chimney Pan Replacement Atlanta | National Chimney Service

Our approach combines technical skills with customer-focused service. We begin with an assessment of your current chimney pan, followed by a detailed explanation of the best materials for your new pan – options include stainless steel, copper, and black galvanized metal, each with its own benefits. We then custom-measure and have the pan fabricated to fit your chimney.

Why Choose National Chimney Service | Atlanta

National Chimney Service stands out as the premier choice for chimney pan replacements for residents throughout Metro Atlanta, including Suwanee, Marietta, Brookhaven, Roswell, and Sandy Springs. Our commitment to excellence is backed by three decades of experience and a portfolio of successful installations.

Don’t wait for a minor chimney cap issue to become a major headache.

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