Roswell Mansion Rehab | Chimney Pan and Shroud Install

Chimney shroud | decorative chimney shroud | modern chimney shroudNestled in the picturesque city of Roswell, Georgia, a mansion stood tall, commanding attention with both chimneys showcasing a rusty chimney pan and shroud. In this blog, we proudly share the story of a recent project where we installed a custom chimney pan and shroud for two majestic chimneys, taking the mansion’s charm to new heights. But before we delve into the details of the chimney pan and shroud installation, let’s rewind a bit and talk about the essential first step – repairing the stucco chimneys with an elastomeric coating.

Stucco Chimney Repair | Elastomeric Coating

Before embarking on the installation of the chimney pan and shroud, we knew it was essential to prepare the chimneys. Their surfaces required some love and care to ensure not only a smooth finish but also to extend their life span. That’s where elastomeric coating came into play.

chimney rain pan | chimney chase pan installation Atlanta | chimney pan replacementElastomeric coating, is a go-to choice for us when it comes to protecting and beautifying stucco chimneys. Here’s why:

  • Weather Resistance: Roswell’s weather can be quite unpredictable, with scorching summers and chilly winters. Elastomeric coating is designed to withstand extreme temperature variations and is highly resistant to UV rays, rain, and moisture, making it ideal for our climate.
  • Crack Bridging: Over time, masonry chimneys can develop cracks due to thermal expansion and contraction. The elastomeric coating has exceptional crack-bridging capabilities, which means it can stretch and contract without compromising its integrity, effectively sealing any existing cracks.
  • Longevity: When properly applied, elastomeric coating can provide long-lasting protection, reducing the frequency of repainting and maintenance.

With these advantages in mind, we meticulously prepared and coated both chimneys, ensuring they were not only protected from the elements but also looked stunning against the mansion’s backdrop.

The Pan and Chimney Shroud Installation

With the chimneys beautifully coated and sealed, it was time to move on to the main event – the installation of chase covers (rain pans) and shrouds. For this project, we were dealing with two distinct chimneys, each requiring a tailored approach

Chimney Pan Installation

The mansion’s chimneys boasted an elegant curvature that demanded special attention. For a snug and watertight fit, we custom-fabricated rain pans that precisely matched the unique curvature of each chimney.

Radius Shroud Installation

The chimney shrouds were the finishing touch that added both functionality and charm to the chimneys. Radius shrouds are not only about aesthetics; they also help direct smoke and gasses away from the chimney opening.

chimney pan | chimney shroud National Chimney Service | Premium Chimney Pan and Shroud Service

The mansion’s chimneys, once functional but unremarkable, now stood as proud symbols of elegance and protection. The elastomeric coating, along with the custom-fabricated chimney pan and shroud on each chimney, had not only preserved the chimneys but had elevated their presence.

At National Chimney Service, our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail is what sets us apart, and our project in Roswell, Georgia, is a testament to that dedication. If you have a chimney project that requires the same level of care and expertise, contact us today

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