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custom chimney cap installation | custom chimney capsCustom Chimney Cap Installation, Pan, & Shrouds for Brookhaven Homes

Discover top-tier custom chimney cap installation, replacement, and repair services in Brookhaven, Georgia, with National Chimney Service. We’re your local chimney cap experts, fully insured and committed to safeguarding Brookhaven homes.

Chimney Caps Protect Your Home From Chimney Leaks and Chimney Fires

Our Brookhaven chimney cap services are tailored to address the community’s unique needs. Installing a custom chimney cap is essential for Brookhaven residents as it acts as a protective barrier, effectively preventing rainwater from entering your chimney. This proactive measure helps safeguard your chimney, fireplace, and home interior against costly water damage.

We offer many chimney cap styles and covers that will suit your Brookhaven home.

Custom Chimney Cap Installation Cost

The cost of a chimney cap installation depends on three factors:

    1. The size of your chimney
    2. Its location is on the roof.
    3. The premium metal of your custom made cap–copper caps, stainless steel, or black galvanized steel.

multi flue chimneys | single flue cap | round flues | multiple fluesDump Your Old Chimney Cap for a New Chimney Cap from National Chimney Service Today! We got it all:

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    • Sealing Damper Chimney Cap
    • Top Mount Cap
    • Single Flue Caps
    • Multiple Flues
    • Round Flue Chimney Cap
    • Chimney Cap Damper Installed

Multi Flue Chimney Cap & Single Chimney Flue Caps

Our custom-fabricated chimney covers are expertly designed to cater to both Multi Flue Chimney Caps and Single Flue Chimney Caps, ensuring every homeowner in Brookhaven finds their perfect match. Unlike standard flue caps available at hardware stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot, which often provide a generic fit and only cover the flue opening, our custom solutions offer comprehensive protection for your entire chimney crown and structure.

Multi Flue Chimney Rain Caps | Chimney Caps

Custom-Fabricated Chimney Flue Cap

This holistic approach not only safeguards the flue but also shields the chimney crown from water penetration, debris accumulation, and potential wildlife intrusion, significantly enhancing the durability and functionality of your chimney system.

Choosing National Chimney Service to install a chimney cap means investing in precision-engineered protection that is tailored to the unique dimensions and requirements of your chimney. This bespoke fitting ensures seamless integration with your chimney’s architecture, eliminating the common issues associated with one-size-fits-all solutions, such as poor fit and inadequate coverage.

Moreover, our chimney caps contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your property, designed to complement the style of your home while providing superior protection.

By opting for our custom-fabricated chimney covers, you’re choosing a superior investment that not only extends the life of your chimney but also enhances its performance and safety, ensuring peace of mind and significant savings on potential repair costs in the long run.

Our Brookhaven Custom Chimney Cap Installation Services 

    • Custom-fabricated Chimney Cap, Rain Pan, & Shroud Installations.
    • Chimney Cap Replacements
    • Chimney Pan & Shroud Replacements
    • Chimney Cap Repairs

Additional Masonry Chimney Services | Chimney Cap Brookhaven

masonry chimney caps | chimney waterproofingChimney Waterproofing

Exposure to rain, snow, and ice can lead to water penetration, which causes significant damage to masonry chimneys over time. Our chimney waterproofing service solves this problem by applying a breathable, waterproof barrier that protects your chimney from moisture without trapping it inside. This preventive measure helps avoid costly repairs due to water damage, such as spalling, cracking, and deterioration of the chimney’s crown structure.

Chimney Pressure Washing

Over time, chimneys can become discolored and stained due to exposure to the elements, soot, and other environmental factors.

Our chimney pressure washing service cleans the exterior of your chimney, restoring its appearance and preventing the buildup of substances that can degrade the chimney’s material. This not only improves the curb appeal of your home but also contributes to the overall maintenance and longevity of the chimney structure.

elastomeric coating | masonry chimney caps | chimney shroud vs capElastomeric Coating

Elevate the protection and performance of your masonry chimney with our elastomeric coating service, the perfect complement to your custom chimney cap installation. This additional service option offers unparalleled durability and waterproofing, safeguarding your chimney against the elements and extending its lifespan.

The elastomeric coating forms a flexible, breathable barrier that not only seals cracks and prevents water infiltration but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your chimney. By combining our expertly crafted custom chimney caps with the advanced protection of elastomeric coating, we provide a comprehensive solution that ensures your chimney remains structurally sound, energy-efficient, and visually appealing.

Chimney Crown Repair

The chimney crown plays a vital role in protecting the chimney from water penetration. Cracks, holes or deterioration in the crown can lead to water entering and damaging the chimney and the home’s interior.

Our chimney crown repair service involves assessing the extent of the damage and performing necessary repairs or rebuilding the crown to ensure a watertight seal. This service extends the life of your chimney and prevents water damage inside your home.

Benefits of Custom Chimney Caps | Brookhaven

    • Keep Out Wildlife: Brookhaven’s wooded suburbs can attract wildlife seeking shelter in chimneys. Common chimney invaders in Brookhaven include birds, squirrels, bats, and raccoons. Installing a chimney cap with mesh screens is crucial to keep these animals out and avoid blockages caused by nesting materials.
    • Fire Safety: Brookhaven, like many areas in Georgia, faces dry seasons that can pose a fire hazard, particularly in wooded regions. A chimney cap equipped with spark arrestor features is an essential safety measure. It helps contain sparks and embers, reducing the risk of fires and enhancing the safety of your Brookhaven home.
    • Improved Air Quality: Custom chimney caps have the additional benefit of maintaining optimal indoor air quality. They effectively prevent downdrafts, which can carry harmful gases like carbon monoxide into your Brookhaven home. Ensuring good indoor air quality is vital to home safety and comfort.
    • Home’s Energy Efficiency: A custom chimney cap can significantly enhance the energy efficiency of your home by providing a precise fit that minimizes drafts and heat loss. Unlike generic caps that may not seal perfectly, a custom-fabricated chimney cap is designed to match the specific dimensions of your chimney, ensuring an airtight fit. This tailored solution prevents warm air from escaping your home during the colder months and keeps cool, air-conditioned air inside during the summer.

National Chimney Service | Chimney Cap Installation Brookhaven

Local Chimney Cap Experts

For over 30 years, we have proudly served Duluth and neighboring Metro Atlanta areas with custom chimney pan and shroud installations. 

USA-Made Materials: Copper, Stainless Steel, Black Galvanized Steel 

We are dedicated to utilizing high-quality, locally sourced materials in Georgia! All our custom chimney covers are only crafted from premium metals: copper, stainless steel, and black galvanized steel.

Steel or Copper Mesh | Chimney Flues

Local Custom Care | Install a Chimney Cap Brookhaven

We are more than just a chimney cap service; we are your partners in home improvement. National Chimney Service takes pride in providing exceptional customer service to Duluth homeowners and residents throughout Metro Atlanta.

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